Motorcycle Loading

Load your Motorcycle OR two Motorcycles!

Loading more than one bike… in the past, a few of our customers, have just moved the main center winch mounting bracket from one side to the other.  Basically they just drilled a couple extra holes in the Toy Loader’s main bar so they can alternate the winch from side to side.

However, it may require the use of “riv-nuts” to accommodate the winch bracket hold down studs and to install “riv-nuts”  you have to have a kit which is available on ebay, etc.  OR… depending the size of bikes you are loading, you may be able to just pull one up and slide it over, etc.

The Toy Loader winch mount system allows one person to load a Motorcycle.  Toy loaders Full system comes with wired remote.  The Basic Toy Loader comes without a winch, however, will accommodate most ATV style winches that have a two, three or four bolt mounting base.  Ask us about the availability of wireless remote controls…a must for motorcycle enthusiasts.