Tonneau Cover owners love it

There are so many different brands, configurations and variations of Canopy/Covers out there, so we must generalize. Some applications have required minor alternations, the main bar may need to be cut (an inch or two) if it does not fit between your bed rails, (depending on how canopy/cover is designed and how they are attached). Attachment Brackets will need at least 1″X11″ vertical surface on inner vertical lip of bed rail. Use of the included angle mounting brackets and/or the main Bar Clamp Bracket in an inverted position (upside down) will allow the main bar to set at a fully recessed position, below the trucks bed cap level. This manner of assembly/positioning should provide ample clearance for a Tonneau Cover and/or Canopy as long as the cover does not extend into the inside of the bed cap. Winch and main Winch Bracket are designed to be easily removed / reattached for your convenience and storage (when not in use or when a bed cover is in place), refer to Multi-Mount on website.